DIY Generator fire. How make Generator of fire with our own hands

Fire Generator - the effect is known for a long time, and is used in many places, from interior and fireplaces to concert lighting devices, but information about it, how to do this quite a little, what I want to fix this post.

What will be required::

  1. Distilled water;
  2. Fan 90 mm;
  3. DMX-controller Velleman K8062;
  4. DMX decoder BESTEN Decoder 350;
  5. LED RGB-lamp MD-9P;
  6. 3 ultrasonic fog generators.

For DMX control, we can use a dimmer, or we can also assemble it by our own hands

One of the fog generators turned out to have their own unprogrammed flashing LED-lamps, but, fortunately, their light had absolutely no effect on the final result.

Fog generators are installed at the bottom of the container. The generator has a membrane that vibrates with an ultrasonic frequency, which leads to the formation of a low-pressure region near the membrane (more simply “almost vacuum”), which, as is known, leads to the evaporation of water at room temperature. This cool steam is chased by a fan up and illuminated by an LED-lamp, which is controlled by a DMX controller (the video color of the glow was static). The diaphragm limits the outlet, which, according to Bernoulli's law, leads to an increase in the fog flow rate. The cross-section of the hole was chosen in such a way that the final effect was as much as possible similar to the flame.

I tried different forms of the diaphragm, different positions relative to the luminaire, and this arrangement is optimal.

Fire Generator Assembly

Water drips with a certain frequency, the strobe shines with a different frequency, which leads to the effect of animation, i.e. A person sees only certain frames, but does not see intermediate states, since The lamp does not work. Thus, highlighting the necessary frames of animation, you can achieve this effect.

Another couple of tricks with water

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